Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Directions

A little shout out to the Glee fans (New Directions is the name of the Glee club).

As of Monday, I now work for A Corporation.  Those of you who are my FB (and Real life) friends already know what the real name is but I don't want to risk getting fired so A Corporation it will remain here.

Changes like a new job impact all areas of your life, whether you're prepared or not.  Spending 10 weeks at home with Reese was amazing and the best thing I could have done.  Having C home with me was like icing on the cake.  I honestly loved being able to spend time with him and amazingly we didn't even get sick of eachother.

But going back to work is both a blessing and a curse.  Pros: I feel like a contributing member of society, PAYCHECKS, time away from my loved ones (makes the heart grow fonder), and a schedule.  Cons: I miss my family (since I got used to being home), no more sleeping in or mid-day naps, and most of the time coming home to chaos as I try to catch up with C & Addy and feed Reese and figure out some dinner etc.

Note: I don't think that SAHMs are not contributing members of society.  I simply know that I am not cut out to be one.  More power to you moms who do stay home because I know how hard it can be.  For me, having a job outside the home provides us the luxuries we have and its so ingrained in me to work that staying home isn't even an option.

Things will get harder once the school year starts.  C is teaching a brand new class (to him) this year which means more planning.  Plus, he may not get a free period at school  which means the planning happens before and after school.  A is starting pre-school which we're all very excited about but its a change.  And of course, Reese is still a baby and will be starting a new daycare.  C & I are struggling with tryign to figure out the pick up/drop off schedule already. 

I think that if we can make it through this year that we'll come in to a place where things settle down and we can enjoy being a family.  By  next summer Reese will be 1, Addy will be 4 and hopefully C will have tenure.  And hopefully I'll be settled and enjoying my new position. 

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  1. Ha ha, did you put the SAHM thing in there for me? I do have to say, I'm jealous that you have a paycheck! I know how you feel about the contributing members of society though. I feel like I'm totally not (but I contribute SO much to our family, so I'm okay with it for now!) :)