Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Waiting Game

As of Tuesday I finished working so now I'm at home, waiting for this baby to make her appearance.  I saw the doctor yesterday and at least I'm starting to dialate and efface but it's barely anything.  BUT, as C likes to point out, it is progression.

In order to not sit around a think about how she's apparently comfortable in there, I'm setting mini goals for myself each day.  Yesterday I saw the doctor, ran some errands, bought Addy's Big Sister present, and changed the sheets on our bed.  I also packed most of Addy's bag for her overnight stay.

Today I need to go to Michaels' and get the supplies to make C's anniversary gift (which you know, is only 4 days away - way to go me).  I also want to change Addy's sheets and clean out my car so I can install the car seat base.

Tomorrow, if it's still not happening, Addy and I are going to attend a playdate and spend a day together.  I think it will be nice for us to have a day together and hopefully I can keep up with her.  She and I will definitely need a nap that day!

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