Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Kids?

As C & I work on getting pregnant (which is another post - about when to tell people when it's actually happened), I ponder all the time about what life will be like with another child.  And if we can handle it, and if Addy will still get the attention she deserves and the fears go on and on.

But I read an article the other day that got me thinking.  The author threw out the questions, "Why have kids?" because it seemed to her that kids were really just little life ruiners and it was totally not worth it.  She cited tired parents, lack of money or sex or alone time, messes, horrible temper tantrum-throwing monsters, disrespectful teenagers, etc.  She had SO many reasons about why kids really were the worst thing a loving couple could ever do to themselves.

Well, it's one of those things that you'll never understand until you actually have one.  You can't imagine the joy you feel when they run to you or take your face in their hands, look into your eyes and kiss you.  Or how proud you feel when they figure something out that you've been trying to teach them.

But let's get practical for a minute.  The way I see it, kids are the greatest thing I'll ever do with my life.  

People like you and me, we're not world-changers.  We're not flying down to Haiti to help them clean up or feeding starving children in Africa.  We're not genuises who will come up with the next brilliant idea that will forever change the way we do something.  In short, my name isn't going down in history as some visionary or do-gooder.

I'm ok with that.  I do what I can, when I can.  But having a kid, it's my accomplishment.  I get to raise this child to be the best human being she can possibly be.  I get to put all my hopes and dreams into her (trying not to stifle her) and then watch her go into the world and see what she does.

I may not change the world, but maybe she will.  Or maybe she'll be like me, a loving, working mother who loves her children fiercely.   And I'll have created that.  That is why I do it.


  1. Amen!

    My friend has written a couple blog posts about having a second and the "mommy guilt" that goes with it. Here's a link to the last one (it has links in it to her other posts).

  2. That's a great answer and I totally agree. My husband and I have been married (almost) six months and some days I wonder if having kids is worth it or not. Mainly because there seems to be a lot of bad in the world and I worry for my (Unborn) children. But my husband makes a good point in saying that it is OUR job to raise as well adjusted kids as we can who will hopefully function in society like normal people. And hey that IS quite the contribution :)