Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 9

Originally written 10/17:

Not much to report this week except that nausea has kicked in full time.  I told someone over the weekend that I forgot just how bad it was with Addy.  I think I glossed over it (like everything having to do with pregnancy & L&D) and now that it's here I'm miserable.  2 nights in a row I haven't been able to eat more than 1/2 my dinner.  3 nights in a row I went to bed feeling like absolute crap.  I actually slept on the couch for a while Saturday night so that I could sit up.

And I can handle it but I'm worried about how this is going to affect me and my class.  If I feel miserable at night, what am I going to do when I feel ill in the middle of class?

I'm also worried because my friends are coming to visit next weekend and I'm scared that I'm going to be a party pooper because I won't feel well at all and I'll be crazy tired.  They all know I'm pregnant though, so hopefully they'll understand a little.

How far along?:  9 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  Weighed myself naked this morning and my weight hasn't really changed.  We'll see next week.
The Bump:  Pretty much the same as last week.
What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  Hopefully in 3-4 weeks I'll start feeling better and have more energy.  I remember feeling better with Addy but pretty much ALWAYS being tired.
Maternity Clothes:  No but I got some of my bigger sizes out of storage and they don't fit yet (yay!) so it will be a bit before I use those too.  I went to a baby sale over the weekend and found a pair of maternity corduroys for $5!
Symptoms: Nausea and Fatigue.  Almost like the flu.
Belly Button in or out?:  In. I don't see this changing.
Food Cravings/Aversions: For the time being, I'm avoiding tomato products as it seems to irritate my sensitive tummy.  So no pasta or pizza or anything like that.  I made soup for dinner last night and thought it would be great but started feeling horrible half way in.  I wish I could find a "magic food" that would make me feel better.
What I miss:  Having energy and an appetite.
Milestones:  Kind of a small one but I bought an ADORABLE bassinet at the baby sale and we took it apart and washed everything and it's ready to go.  Addy loves it and wheels it around and tried to get in it a few times but I think she gets it's for the baby and not her.  She put her Arnold in there and sang to him, it was crazy cute.

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