Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 14

Originally written 11/22

Welp, I'm finally, officially out of the first trimester and into the second!  I'm noticing some small changes in terms of sickness and heartburn but it's not like I've turned a corner or anything.

I'm officially stressed out with losing my job and having another baby on the way.  I think I might have actually lost weight.  My next doctor's appointment in Nov. 30 so we'll see how things look then.  Of course, Thanksgiving is before that so that will probably help.

How far along?:  14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  According to my scale I've lost about 1.5 lbs.  We'll see at the doctor's next week.
The Bump:  It seems to have stalled in growing a bit which is kind of nice.  I thought I would just grow and grow all the time.
What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  Seeing Corey's family this week for Thanksgiving and going to the doctor next week.
Maternity Clothes:  Nothing yet.
Symptoms: Still tired a lot but feeling better in other areas.  I need to remember to drink water often now that I'm not working at a desk all day.
Belly Button in or out?:  In. I don't see this changing.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Last night I had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner and it hit the spot!  I still crave Mexican and buffalo wings though.  Oh, and for some reason I've been REALLY wanting sushi, which I didn't eat that much previously.
What I miss:  Right now, nothing.  I feel good!
Milestones:  In the second trimester!

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