Monday, April 30, 2012

37 Weeks

Originally written 4/30:

I don't have a whole lot to say today (I know... shocking!).  I actually feel kind of lousy and I can not wait to be done working.  I only have 2 more weeks to go, which I'm sure will fly by!

This past weekend wore me out, I think.  We went to the huge consignment sale on Saturday morning and I picked up a ton of things for Addy but only one outfit (that C picked out) for LO.  I wandered over to the newborn section but just felt completely overwhelmed.  And they didn't even have any good baby gear (we're still looking for a bouncer and a new diaper bag) to buy.  The last few times I've been I've felt like it wasn't as good of a sale but we still have 2 more consignment sales to check out before LO is supposed to make her appearance so maybe we'll get lucky at one of those.

I saw the doctor on Friday and got an internal exam and it HURT.  She seriously jammed her hand in there trying to find LO's head.  She said it's still floating around and nothing is changing, which is pretty much what I expected.  I go every week now for checks until LO decides to come out.

There's still so much to do so I suppose I should be grateful that she's not close.  But I am getting the itch to wrap things up.

How far along?:  37 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Less than 1lb this past weigh in making my official gain 29lbs. 
The Bump:  Pretty much the same as always.  It feels huge to me but I was told so many times how tiny I am over the weekend.  And I kind of agree.  I know it feels huge, but for only having 3 weeks left it seems like it should be ginormous!
What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  My last day of work and getting some downtime!
Maternity Clothes:  Yes.  I don't know what else to say here.
Symptoms:  Cramping, peeing all the time, tired, heartburn.  Pretty much the usual.
Belly Button in or out?:  In. I don't see this changing.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  I got ice cream a few times this week and what can I say, I love ice cream!  I also bought some milk duds which was a mistake because they're all I want to eat now.
What I miss:  I miss being able to run 3 errands on a Saturday and not needing a nap.
Milestones:  I told C that I wouldn't mind if the doctor wanted to put me on bedrest for a bit (I'm that tired) but then I realized that that would never happen.  I'm 37 weeks, they'll let the baby come!

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