Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things that are Happening

In an effort to return to normal (?), here's an update on my life...

We are officially "trying" to get pregnant.  But considering that we were actively trying NOT to get pregnant with Addy, I'm unsure how this will go.  For a couple months I suppose we'll just see what happens.  I'd definitely like it to happen sooner, rather than later.

We have been in the house since Saturday and we are slowly making headway and unpacking.  My brother and SIL helped us a TREMENDOUS amount over the weekend and it's much better than it would have been.  We got all new bedroom furniture (a real grown-up matching set!) plus a mattress and it's awesome.  I'm still not crazy for the wall color but I'll survive (C won that battle).

We are keeping a list of things that need to get done which so far includes: install a garbage disposal, get new windows, install overhead lights in all the bedrooms (who thought they wouldn't be needed?!), get new garage door opener, clean gutters, etc.  We have some busy weekends ahead of us.

I'm still not happy in my job, which I touched on yesterday.  The thing about it is that I can't figure out if it's because I don't like it anymore or if it's because of my mom and all the things associated with that.  I will admit that one thing I realized I don't like is that there don't seem to be clear lines about who does what.

I lean towards Type A with regards to work and my duties.  I don't like it when people do the things that I'm supposed to do or overstep their boundaries (I guess they'd be my boundaries).  I want to be allowed to do my job and not have someone doing it for me or questioning me on it.  I also want to be trusted to perform my job.  If you ask me to do something, allow me to do it.  I don't like that things change so much here with who does what.

Now, I feel like I should also say that I'm not one of those "that's not my job" people.  I rarely pass the buck, I do what's asked of me or I figure out who I'm supposed to ask.  It's just that lines are so blurred here.

We're switching daycares in about 2 1/2 weeks.  This one will be SO much closer to our house and it's $20/week less!  Now, C & I can share the drop off/pick up duties which will take the load off me.  I'm just dreading breaking the news to our current provider.  She's not going to be happy and I'm fully expecting tears.

And that's your update.

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