Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Happens?

What happens when you have one week until closing on your house, your husband is out of town unexpectedly, you're thinking about getting pregnant, you're thinking about starting night classes, you're searching for a new daycare and you're still grieving?

You show up for your 5pm therapy appt. at 4pm and then have to reschedule...

Stress, it's what's for dinner!

Things have been okay around here.  We're preparing for the big move this weekend though, thankfully we don't NEED to be out of our place until Aug. 31.  We're hoping to be out next week (if C's schedule permits him to clean the old place) and we also plan to be sleeping in our new place by Saturday night.

I think it's do-able.

We've been making steps almost every day for the move, all without me taking off work.  We bought paint and supplies, we bought a brand new bedroom set and a new mattress set (Side note: I absolutely can not wait to sleep on this new mattress set).  We've got just about all the rooms and furniture figured out except for the family room.  I'd love to find a sectional to put in there.

We had a Memorial for my mom over the weekend and it was a nice party.  Tons of people and tons of food and the bar even donated a keg so the beer was flowing.  She would have loved it.

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