Monday, February 13, 2012

Name Game

I remember with Addy that it wasn't easy to pick her name.  I was one of those people that thought seeing her face would somehow cement her name in my mind.  Like, it was possible that Addison wouldn't be her name because she wouldn't "look" like an Addison.  I can't imagine her any other way now, but that's not the point.  I wasn't one of those people that could pick a name before birth and be confident in it.

Picking a name stressed me out.  What if it wasn't a good name?  What if she hates it when she's 16?  What if there are 12 other Addys in her school?  And on and on.  C picked Addison around month 7 or 8 and saw it through where I would only say were were 90% committed to it.

And let's not get started on spelling.  Addie?  Addi?  Addy?  Addey?  Some other spelling?

I've been trying to change with this one.  We've been throwing names around and SHOCKER, we have actually agreed on one and will be naming this child that name, barring anything unplanned (it's a boy, I hate the name in the delivery room, etc.).

For me, names have to have meaning.  I can't pick just random names.  I want family ties included.  My stance has been that we can pick an original first name (original to the family) but the middle name ties him or her back to their roots.  It was done with all my brothers and myself and going up my mom's tree.  I love it.  I love being able to say, "I was named after my grandmother, who was Jacquelyn before she was adopted and they changed her name."

I'm not going to reveal our choice just yet.  It just feels like something I want to keep to ourselves for a while.  I worry that telling people will bring judgement and will taint the name for me.  That (stupid) people will cause me to second guess something I've already decided, something that means a lot to me.

But, to keep you interested, here is a list of first or middle names we have considered: Caroline, Elisa, Theresa, Jillian, Judith, Lynn, Peyton, Barbara, Patricia, Anne and Emma.

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  1. Aww, geeze, and here I was asking you guys yesterday about names! Lol. I totally agree with not sharing though (even though it got out...) my dad hate's Nora's name, even though it's his own mother's name! Oh well! We'll love her (and her name), no matter what you choose! :)