Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanks, I Needed That

I don't think its a secret that I was unhappy at my job.  I never truly felt like I fit in or was appreciated.  I felt like everyone was "Pro-Workplace!" all the time and I just couldn't be that person.  I hated the nepotism and favoritism and back-stabbing.  I think all those things come when you work at a smaller, privately owned, owner still actively involved company.

I made a lot of concessions when I left CA and told myself that it was ok.  To just give it some time and I would evenutally work my way back up.  I never expected that I would make the same wage I did in CA, that was slightly ludicrous considering the cost of living difference.  But I gave up roughly 25% of my paycheck and a week of vacation time.  In addition, I went to a smaller organization that did not provide health insurance and barely had paid holidays.

But I told myself that it was worth it to be home, and let me be clear that I'd never regret giving up all those things considering I was able to spend just under a year with my mom as a result.

But all that time (16 months) dragged me down and made me feel smaller.  Like, this was as good as it got.  Like this was all I was worth.  I started to under-value myself because it was what I knew about working in this state vs. CA.  And even though I was making plans to leave, I didn't really have a plan.  I thought I could maybe ask for $5K more but that was it.

I have this contract position (and a $6K raise) now and I've been getting phone calls about work.  People are starting to hire again and I've had 4 phone interviews, 1 in person with 2 more on the way for sure.  I had a phone interview yesterday that went extremely well.  My current boss is hounding me to talk to another manager here because this company needs to retain me. 

And you know what I'm finding out?  I'm worth more.  People are willing to pay and fight for me.  Yesterday's interview revealed that they are willing to start me at ~$5K more than I even make now.  And give me 17 vacation days.

Oh yeah, and all this while I'm pregnant.  I never thought people would be interested in someone would would need maternity leave a month after starting.  Or that they'd be willing to hold a position until I was ready to come back to work.  It's just crazy!

I called C yesterday after and told him how great I felt.  I said, "This is undoing a lot of the damage that [previous company] did to me.  I feel better about working than I have in a long time."

So thanks world.  You owed me one for sure after 2011 and it's nice to see it coming back.

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  1. Wow, Jacque! That's awesome!! I'm happy for you and that you're happier to be back, now! :)