Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weeks 19 & 20

Originally written 1/04:

I'm combining weeks 19 & 20 due to the holidays, a visit from C's Mom, the party and some unexpected dental work...

The holidays were surprisingly fine, I actually wasn't as down as I thought I would be.  Some parts were sad, Christmas Eve mass caught me by surprise and found me in tears at communion.  It sucked having the party and sorting through the things she had intended to give us herself and not have her there.

Also, the Monday after Christmas, I was eating dinner and my front tooth fell out!  I have crowns on both front teeth and I apparently broke the tooth under the crown and the whole thing fell out that night.  I had emergency work to get it put back in place but then I had to have surgery and even more work and more to come.  My teeth suck.

We also had the ultrasound last week and I wish it were all happy news but it's not quite.  What I can put together is that they saw a tiny spot on the heart called an EIF (Echogenic Intracardiac Focus) which, on its own would be no issue.  However, when combined with any other issue is an idicator for a genetic defect.  They looked at everything they could and found no concerns but couldn't get a clear look at the face and there might be a cleft lip or palate.  I go back in 3 weeks now to get another look.

Also at that appointment, we found out that they're 75% sure that we're having a GIRL!  But I'm hoping we'll get our 100% call at the next ultrasound!

Hearbeat at the U/S: 144bpm

How far along?:  20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: All the Christmas goodies caught up with me finally and I'm up about 9 lbs.  We'll find out for sure at my appointment on Friday.
The Bump: Oh, it's totally there.  I feel HUGE and we're only halfway!
What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  Finding out the gender for real!  And another ultrasound means another chance to see my baby!
Maternity Clothes:  Oh yeah, we're there.  I have a problem though that I started out at a lower weight than I did with Addy and now none of my pants fit!  The jeans I'm wearing today are seriously going to fall off!
Symptoms:  Just tired!
Belly Button in or out?:  In. I don't see this changing.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Not much to speak of.  Queso and chips (see weight gain above).
What I miss:  Not getting tired out just taking Addy to the grocery store.
Milestones:  Half Way There!

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