Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 Days is a Long Time!

So much has happened in 4 days that I'm not even sure I can cover it all!

Friday was the home inspection, which went... OK.  Our inspector was very thorough and very knowledgeable but every time he opened his mouth I just stressed.  It was like dollar signs fell out of his mouth.  We knew about the furnace and the siding and the windows but we were not aware that the garage door doesn't have an electronic eye or reverse function (read: it will squish and kill whatever gets in its way) so that HAS to be replaced.  No question.  Also, the deck IS NOT ANCHORED to anything!  How do you even do that?!

And the siding isn't a little bad, it's mostly bad.  Wood is considered rotten at 20% wet, our siding is 18%.  Now, our siding isn't all wood but that gives you a comparison.  And there's just no telling if the moisture got to the wood underneath unless you take off the siding.  So it looks like we won't really be holding off on re-siding the house either.

Saturday we took Addy to the pool which she loved and then both she & I took a nap.  We bought her a bedding set and set up her Big Girl Bed and she went to bed in it for the first time that night.  She was excited at first about it but tried to get up a few times.  All in all, I'd say the transition was fairly good but some rough spots.  She was almost inconsolable for some reason last night.

Saturday night my dad called to let me know my mom went to the ER for dehydration and all around weakness (she hadn't had a full meal in 3 weeks and her fluid intake was severely decreased as well).  She's been there ever since and I've visited almost every day.  She is definitely getting better but for how long?  And what happens when she goes home?

Sunday I was depressed so we walked around for a while and then I went to visit while Addy napped.  We met up with family that night for small cook-out which helped some.

Monday we visited as a family and stayed for a while and then stayed home for the rest of the day.  Pretty low key day.

And finally, yesterday we took Addy to daycare and C & I spent the whole day together which was really, really nice and just what we needed.  We hit IKEA to look at things for the new house and GASP, actually agreed on a bedroom set!  And then, after shopping for a bit we (are you ready?) SAW A MOVIE.

If you don't have kids then you won't understand but we haven't seen a movie since... 2009.

We saw Super 8 which was C's pick and the only one that worked with our timing.  It was good but the "jumpy" kind of movie which scared me a lot.

I kind of ran out of steam for this post so that's my weekend report.  Hope your holiday weekend was a good one!

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  1. Isn't the garage door thing required by law? Wouldn't she have to replace that before she sold it to you? Maybe I'm wrong...