Friday, July 15, 2011

Buying a House Means Buying Stuff!

Now that we're in escrow (meaning that both sides have reached an agreement but we haven't officially taken ownership of the property yet) I keep thinking about all the STUFF we need for the new place.

We currently live in a 2-bedroom, 1bath, approximately 1000-sq foot place right now.  It's fine for us but it's admittedly small and cramped.  And it doesn't have a linen closet for God's sake.  But it worked for what we needed when we moved in.

We're upgrading to a 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2300 square foot place in a little over a month and we are not even a little prepared to fill that space. 

We have Addy's room set purchased and our plan is that our bed becomes the guest bed and we get to upgrade to a king size bedroom set.  But we have to purchase said set.  That, plus retaining the nursery furniture will take care of all the bedrooms.

We have one couch and one chair and ottoman set so that will take care of the living room but we'd really like to get a sectional for the family room since we suspect most of our time will be spent there.  I want to get Addy another cubby system for that room too since a lot of her toys will end up there, I'm sure.  We'll keep the crappy computer desk for the corner of that room since we won't really use it much but we need a desk and filing area.

We have a dining room set so at least that's covered.  We have zero patio furniture, save for the 2 anti-gravity chairs I bought for C for his birthday one year and a grill.  I'd like to get some chairs and a table for the deck so we can eat some dinners out there.

Lastly, we will eventually need furniture for the basement assuming C remodels it.  But with 2 living room areas, what does the basement become?

Not to mention decorating.  C & I do NOT have the same taste at all when it comes to art.  He's all modern and photography and I'm all paintings and stuff.  I have NO idea how this house (our house!) is going to look in the end.

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  1. Some rooms can have paintings, some can have photography... :)