Tuesday, July 12, 2011


First things first, do you think I'm totally dating myself by titling my post TMI?  I mean, who even says that anymore?  But instead of talking about stupid swimsuits, I wanted to talk about all things girly today.

At the end of this week I will begin my last cycle of birth control and then it's baby time!  It's so crazy that "the fall" we talked about for EVER is finally here!  We have planned this out and it's finally time.

I keep questioning if this is the right thing to do.  If it's the right time to bring another family member into the mix when we're purchasing a house and who knows what will change in 9 months?  Can we afford to be making mortgage payments AND paying for daycare and the expenses of 2 kids?

On the flip side, can we afford to wait any longer?  Addy will be 3 by the time this child is (supposed to be) born and that's about the biggest gap I'd like to have between kids.  I still want them to play together and know each other growing up instead of having one gone to college while the other one is still too young to do anything cool.

C & I have always talked about having 3 kids but the more we talk about it the more I wonder if it's really what we'll end up with.  I worry that 3 kids is too much, both timewise and money wise.  I worry that splitting our attention 3 ways will be too much and then none of the kids will really get the attention they deserve.  I worry even with just planning a second that Addy will feel neglected.

I know lots of families do it (heck, my own brother has 8 kids) but I just wonder what will be the right thing for us.  Perhaps we'll never really know.

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