Monday, July 11, 2011

How It Went

I'm sure you're all curious about how the weekend went and I'm happy to report that it went VERY well!  I'm SO proud of myself for being a great mommy!

Friday after work we cooked a quick dinner and then went to a softball game.  I played and Addy watched.  We didn't get home until after 8 so it was straight to bed for her and I got to relax for a bit before bed.  I know that means that I didn't spend a ton of time with her but we spent the weekend pretty active and that was part of it.

Saturday she woke me up around 7:15 and we hung out but only for an hour or so.  Then we both got dressed and headed to the Farmer's Market!  That was awesome!  There was so much good looking produce it made me wish I'd had more than just $13 to spend.  We sat and shared a croissant and had a good time.

After that we headed to the library where I (finally) got my coffee and I let her play and look at books for a while.  She started getting a little snotty there though (not sharing and not listening to me) so we headed home for lunch.  We played until lunch (no TV or internet!) and then we both took naps.  What?  I needed it!

After naps we did the grocery shopping and then Target and then we made cookies together!  Actually, I made the cookies and she counted scoops for me and watched.  But it was still fun.  Then dinner and play time and a bath and off to bed for her.

Sunday she let me sleep in til 7:30 and then we sat for a while.  My Sunday morning ritual is to make coffee and read the paper while Addy watches educational shows like Martha Speaks and Super Why.  Don't worry if you don't know what those shows are, that just means you don't have a child under the age of 5.

We finally got our acts together and went to visit my parents for a bit.  My mom is home from the hospital which is nice but she's still on some pretty trippy drugs.  She's in and out of it, sometimes very coherent and with it and sometimes not making any sense at all and forgetting in the middle of a sentence what she wanted to say.  It's hard.

We ran 2 errands after that and then I took Addy to McD's for lunch.  I don't really LOVE McD's but I think it's ok.  She had chicken nuggets with apple slices and milk so we could have done a lot worse.  Then I let her play in the Playplace for a while and she passed out in the car on the way home.

After her nap we got ready and went swimming at the Y!  It was crazy hot all weekend so we weren't really going to go on walks or to the park.  Plus, she loves swimming and it gets her active so it's a win-win.

Then, home to play for a bit, dinner and then clean up time until C got home.  We watched a bit more TV yesterday but I needed to get a shower and cook dinner and stuff so it works out.  Plus, I'd say we were pretty damn active to make up for it.

I really had a fun weekend with my daughter and I'm pretty proud of us.  We did a lot together but it never felt over-whelming, you know?  And she seemed pretty well behaved for the most part so I'm happy with her.  Only 1 time out the entire weekend!

Tomorrow's entry?  Swimsuit shopping, every woman's favorite!

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