Friday, October 14, 2011

All Hail the Birthday Girl!

My birthday is in just over 2 weeks and I can tell that C is stressed about what to get me.  He's been talking about it since August (!) but apparently has never gotten to a concrete idea.

So to make things easier on him, I heard on the radio that Les Miserables is playing in Minneapolis in December, so I told him to just get tickets for that and we'd go to dinner and have a nice night.  And all seemed great.  You could almost see the relief wash over him.

Until we looked at ticket prices.  Man.  For 2 tickets to a Friday or Saturday show, dinner out, and a babysitter, we're looking at a $300+ night!  We can't afford that, birthday or not!

Back to the drawing board.  For a while, C thought he would get me shoes, which I get.  I mean, I need new work shoes, but the way I look at it, those are something I'm going to buy anyway.  Shouldn't birthdays be about something I'd never buy for myself but want?

Then I heard on the radio again (It's 30-40 mins each way to work) that Aziz Ansari is doing a stand up show at Treasure Island Casino in a few weeks.  Tickets are much more reasonable for this show and a night out should cost us less than $150 if we're smart about it.  Plus, he likes Aziz too so it's really a date night for both of us and my birthday is the reason we get to go out.

So yay!  A night out, a ton of laughs, and all because I was born!  Can't beat that!

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