Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Got Better

Whenever I try to think of clever titles, it's like this monumental task.  My last post was all whiny and "Why me" so I thought I would let you know that I'm better now.  Which got me thinking about Monty Python where they're trying the witch and the guy's all like, "She turned me into a newt!" and everyone looks at him and he says, sheepishly, "I got better..."

So, I'm better.  This whole family/work/class/life thing is getting to me for sure.  It's hard leaving the house at somewhere around 6:45am and not pulling back into my driveway until 13+ hours later.  I miss my family, I am tired, and I feel guilty.

Guilty because C is picking up the slack from me being gone.  He's Single Dad 2 nights a week, cooking dinner, entertaining Addy, cleaning up, getting her off to bed, etc.  

What I need to focus on is that in 2 months, this will all be over.  The class will be done and we can try to resume our normal lives where I'm home after work.  Dec. 12th is the last class and I will have a final after that but that will be the last night I spend in a classroom for a while.  I'm not signing up for another class when this one is over.  Not for a while.

It's time to enjoy my family.

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  1. I play single momma on Monday nights... it's not all bad. (Though it is nice to see an end in sight... yours is much closer though!)