Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am Lame

Sunday is my birthday!  My 32nd birthday to be exact.  Usually I approach my birthday with the glee of a 7-year-old, where I can't wait to see all the birthday wishes and cards and whatever presents happen to come my way (hint, hint).  

Last year I took over the entire day and told C exactly what I wanted to do.  We went outlet shopping, then had amazing burgers at The Blue Door Pub, then we walked over to Sweets Bakeshop for dessert.  That night we suckered my brother and SIL into watching Addy while C & I had a glass or 2 of wine and just spent some QT together.  It was great.

This year all my gusto seems to have disappeared.  I've barely made any plans and I certainly have not planned out an entire day.  When C asked me what I wanted to do my response was, "Sleep in and go out for breakfast".  Literally.

Side note: I really, really want to go out for breakfast and I'm not sure why.  We never do and it just seems so decadent.  Plus, breakfast time has the best food.  Omelets, French Toast, Cinnamon rolls, etc.  

Other than that, I've made no demands other than entertaining the idea of ordering chinese food for dinner one night.  And C will probably let me choose the movie this weekend.  If we watch a movie, that is.

Perhaps, at my ripe old age of 32 years, I've lost my oomph.  Maybe this year is just an off year.  Who knows?  But I will definitely enjoy my coffee and eggs at my Birthday Breakfast!

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