Friday, November 11, 2011


Everyone talks about morning sickness (which is a misnomer and can strike at any time of the day, mine is more "evening sickness") and fatigue as pregnancy symptoms, which are both true.  But I don't know if people mention "pregnancy brain" or hormones as much, though I'm here to tell you that both are real.

Example: C & I watch the show "The Sing Off" on NBC, Monday nights.  I really enjoy watching the groups perform completely a capella (meaning - no instruments, only voices) and admiring the skills it take to replicate instruments with only your voice.  The performances are, most of the time, amazing and you don't even really notice the fact that there's no guitar present.

Anyway, there's a girl group on there, Delilah, and they are SO good.  They give new meaning to that old phrase "Girl Power" but unfortunately they weren't quite good enough and went home this week.  I watched the show last night on the DVR and started tearing up during their performance.

They were singing Aerosmith's "Dream On", not exactly a tear inducing song.

But I remember watching them and thinking, "These girls are singing their ASSES off.  They want it SO badly.  Look at them!  And they're so good!  I'm so sad that they're going home!  They worked SO hard!" etc.

What a stupid thing to cry over and yet, there I was, trying not to actually cry and feeling so sad for these girls.

I should point out that in addition to some raging hormones, I was so tired that I was in bed, with the lights out, by 8:45pm.

And there's that fatigue for ya.

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