Monday, November 21, 2011

An Unexpected Change of Plans

Last Thursday I was called into my boss' office where he and the VP of Operations waited.  They closed the door and then started some speech that I don't quite remember that culminated in telling me that I was being laid off, effective immediately.

The VP left me with my boss where we talked for a minute about how it had nothing to do with my performance or anything about me but was about cost cutting even though I had more seniority than 2 other people in my department.

Then I went to my office, packed up my desk, said goodbye to a few people and left.

Here I am, 14 weeks pregnant, with no clue this was coming, no real prospects, and no paycheck.  Yes, I get unemployment but there's still a $1000 gap between where we were and where we will be now.

The plan is for me to look for a job but pull Addy out of daycare until something happens.  If nothing happens, they I do the stay-at-home Mom gig until after this baby is born and then hit it hard core after that.

For now, I get 3 days where Addy is still in daycare and I get to wallow a little bit.

So far my wallowing has included getting dinner in the crock, doing laundry, cleaning and an occasional nap.

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