Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T-minus 39 Days

That's right people, in case you hadn't counted, Christmas is a mere 39 days away and I. am. freaking. out.

Since C & I have the new (and relatively big) house, we've been selected to host this year, which is fine.  It makes the most sense since we have the big family room and plenty of seating (except for dinner).  But I keep stressing about what we'll cook, what people should bring, what we can make ahead of time, and exactly how much of things do we need for the roughly 27 people that will be at our house?

C & I have already figured out that we'll need 2 mains, so probably a turkey and either a ham or a pork loin.  Mashed potatoes of course, probably a stuffing, vegetable, apps, salad, desserts, etc.  It's really like another Thanksgiving.  It figures that all the recipes I like the sound of will need the oven.  That's not going to work.

Add to all this that C & I actually really like to cook and we are trying to figure out what we want to do ourselves, and what we want to hand off.  I'll be doing tons of research this year, trying to figure out how to utilize crockpots for things.

This year is going to be extra hard as it's the first year without my mom.  I think it mega-sucks that she never saw our house, that I was never really able to show off to her what a great cook I am (and a humble one!) and my pride in my home and family.

In addition to food, I also get the responsibility of basically planning festivities.  Do we want to carry on some traditions or let some go?  And I know I have help but it feels like as the only biological female, it's on my shoulders.

I've already accepted that no matter what I do it won't be quite right.  It's only the first one.  We can tweak as we go.

But I can promise some kick ass food.

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