Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 5

Originally written 9/19

I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant!  It's completely surreal.  C was overjoyed which was so nice to see.  He gave me a huge hug and kiss and we talked about it randomly throughout the day.  Things like, "You know, even pregnant you still have to change Addy's diapers" or "What do you mean I only get one cup of coffee?!"

I have to admit that while I'm excited (this is exactly what we wanted and tried for!), I'm also scared.  Which is weird because I've done this before.

But I'm scared about how our little family will change and scared about money and how Addy will cope and how I'll make it through 10 more weeks of my  night class and when do I tell people and it goes on and on...

I have only told one person so far.  It's like I want to keep it in this protective bubble for as long as I can.  I keep looking at calendars figuring out when is the proper time to tell people.  I am thoroughly bothered that I might start to show earlier this time and I want to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

For now, important dates!  Due Date: May 22nd.  Date we enter Tri 2: Nov. 8 (Election Day)  Day I will probably spill the beans: 10/28 or 10/31.

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