Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Funny weird, not funny haha.  I work with the Boss' Daughter (BD) and have for about 8 months now.  It's been... interesting to say the least.  

It must be weird to know that your mom is the one running the show, is your boss.  It must be weird to have personal relationships with much of the senior staff here and come in to a professional one.  I mean, she's know most of the senior staff here for most of her life.

It's hard on our side too since we can never tell if it's favoritism or earned, the things that she gets or does.  For instance, she started (fresh out of college with ZERO experience) with the word "Manager" in her title.  For reference, I've been an engineer for about 10 years and have yet to have achieved a Managerial role.  But the Mom said it was to beef up her resume.  Must be nice.

It's not to say that she doesn't work hard.  She is involved in a lot of the operations here and seems to have a large sense of curiosity and wants to know what everyone's working on all the time.  It's good and bad.  You never know if she's being a spy or genuinely curious.

And let's just say that a lot of her wardrobe choices don't really scream "Business casual" to me.  Shorts, see through tops with black bras, logo t-shirts under cardigans, etc.

Anyway, you can imagine what working with BD must be like.  She was awarded Employee of the Month last month.  After 8 months.  And everytime I saw the slide on the scrolling powerpoint in the lunchroom, I got a little irritated.  I can't put it into words, it just feels weird and annoyed me.  And I watched her name up there for a month.  Each time feeling annoyed and feeling like perhaps a family owned private company might not be the place for me.

The powerpoint updated yesterday and guess who is the new employee of the month?  That's right, me.  Now I get to watch my name up there for a whole month and get a little thrill that I've been recognized.  It's funny that something I hated seeing is now something I'll look forward to.

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