Thursday, June 30, 2011

One of those Days

It could be the fact that Addy woke up from a bad dream, screaming, just before the alarm went off or it could be that I'm just feeling emo but today (so far) has been one of those days where everything is just wrong.

The worst of it is that I'm supposed to be happy and celebrating because we came to an agreement on the house!  The lady finally countered yesterday and it was pretty much where we wanted to be so we took it!  Inspection is taking place tomorrow and then we just wait for the closing.

I visited my mom yesterday and that always puts me in a funk.  I always expect (hope) that she'll be better, that she'll magically have an appetite and strength and it's just not like that.  Even though the chemo was over a week ago, she's still having issues with nausea and fatigue.

Then on the way home I had to call my brothers and scold them for not visiting.  I realize we're all scared and it's hard to see her like that but I think we need to focus on her right now and she wants to see us.  And it's not only her, it's my dad too.  He's working from home indefinitely which means that he's not getting out much either.

I don't know how to end this so I just will.

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  1. So he listens to you, but not to me... at least we got over there.