Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Gifts

We have been lucky enough to get some nice gifts as a result of my bridal shower and our wedding.  Can you believe people actually lugged gifts to Chicago with them?  The funny thing is that we have yet to open the majority of them.  I'm not sure what we're waiting for, perhaps the move?  

We did receive a number of items for the kitchen and since our current kitchen is not that big, I think we're waiting until we (hopefully) have more space to break those things out.  They include a toaster oven, a BA coffee maker, our Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (I confess, that baby has been broken out and used), and a food processor.  All of them requiring much counter space.

We received a gift card from a good friend to Macy's as a wedding gift.  We honestly, literally, never go to Macy's.  I can't tell you the last time I went to a Macy's store, let along bought anything from them.  We briefly considered selling the gift card or re-gifting it and also considered making it "my" giftcard to spend on myself (they have shoes and purses and clothes, I could find something to buy) and letting C spend the same amount elsewhere but in the end we realized they too have a kitchen department so we wandered in to check it out.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only do they carry some great kitchen items, but they have some pretty good sales on them as well!  We hemmed and hawed for a while, debating between a number of items.  We talked about getting an immersion blender (something we've both wanted for a while now) or a stovetop grill pan or even a Kuerig which I really want for days that I don't want to brew an actual pot of coffee but decided that all those things were nice, but wouldn't get the use they should.  Why get a Kuerig when I just got a brand new BA (bad ass) coffee maker?

C also really tried to convince me that we needed a popsicle maker.  He is desperate for this thing (do I smell a Father's Day gift??).

In the end, we purchased an oval dutch oven (we have a round and I LOVE it), a 4-cup capacity food processor, and some pineapple chipolte salsa for C since he likes that stuff.  Out of pocket expense?  $3.74!  Win!

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