Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A House is not a Home

Welp Readers (all 2 of you), our offer was NOT accepted yesterday.  I actually was pretty sure they'd counter because we completely low balled the offer.  With their counter and then our counter to their counter, there is still a 9K gap between us.  That's how much we don't agree.

Now, I feel kind of bad about the low offer but you should understand that we have a plan.  See, the house needs new windows and a new furnace and while these things will probably last for another 1-5 years or whatever, I want to replace them before we even move in.  I don't want to take care of it later.  I don't want to find out on Nov. 15th when we turn on our furnace for the first time that it doesn't work.  I want to deal with all of it up front.

So our plan was that we'd go in low and then after the inspection said that we need a new furnace and new windows, as long as there was nothing crazy, we would NOT ask for a reduction.  Because we got the house at a lower price, we'd just take care of everything ourselves.

Now, C & I & our realtor all get the plan but I don't know if she does.  Maybe she's scared that we'll ask for even more money after the inspection.  Or maybe she owes on her home still and wants to be able to pay it off.  Or maybe she just set a goal in her mind and doesn't want to let go of it.

But those things I talked about before plus the comparable sales in the area make me feel that the house isn't worth what she wants for it.  We'll probably get another counter tonight and then we'll have to figure out what we want to do.  C & I have a top number and if it comes to it, we'll walk away.  It would be a shame but we will.

Thank God for our realtor though.  She's been great at guiding us through our negotiations and assuring us that what we're feeling is perfectly acceptable.  She's been a saving grace for sure.

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