Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short & Sweet

This will be very quick.

We saw 6 more houses on Tuesday night and one is on our Maybe List.  It's the first house we've looked at where we decided we could probably live in it.  I will say, Tuesday went much better than the first time.  This time we saw houses that we thought were very nice and maybe could have worked except for one little thing.  I guess we're getting better at choosing houses to live in.

C is going to look at a bedroom set for Addy tomorrow.  I found it on Craig's List and decided it looked pretty good.  Hopefully as good in person...  So Addy might have her Big Girl Bed by this weekend!

I want to talk about my mom but I don't want to talk about my mom.  I hate seeing her weak and bald.  I absolutely hate it.  C told me it would be better when her hair grew back and I told him that I don't think she'll be around long enough for that to happen.  And then I cried some.  The chemo she's currently on is horrible.  She told me last night that she basically hasn't eaten (or kept anything down) for 5 days.  She is on the verge of just giving up because it's not worth it.  I can't say I blame her.

I feel horrible about that.

I'm trying to make an effort to go over and visit or clean or sort things for her.  Whatever will make her happy.  I plan to go next week after work one day.  I'm hoping it will help me deal a little better.

No wedding pictures, not sure what happened.  

That's it.

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