Monday, June 6, 2011


Most Moms know that life with a 2-year old bring all kinds of unexpected events.  Having Addy in daycare means that we deal with illness more often than I'd really like to realize.  We are currently in that situation.

I blame most of my illnesses on Addy and her daycare.  Kids are notorious for sticking their hands on or in anything and sticking those hands in their mouths.  Plus, if one child gets sick you can bet your paycheck the other ones will be bringing those germs home.  

Miraculously, Addy seems to have escaped the Head Cold of Death that C & I have contracted.  Case in point, we have both visited the doctor and are currently on amoxicillin to rid our bodies of this horrible infection.  My ear has been plugged for 5 days practically.

However, even though Addy doesn't have a cold she has something else going on in her tiny system.  All weekend long we dealt with diarrhea to the point of changing her pants a few times and my baby writhing in my arms, screaming from what I can only think were stomach cramps.  I almost rushed her to Urgent Care until C told me to calm down and we fed her some bread & crackers & applesauce (BRAT diet) to see if that would help calm things down.  She did seem much better after that but had another diaper disaster a few hours later.

I realize that this can be caused by a lot of different things and we may never know exactly what it was (especially if it was a virus).  I do know that there was no fever, vomiting, or any other bodily effect.  Her appetite was basically normal when she ate and her demeanor hasn't changed either.  She still has a lot of energy and plays and there's no real fatigue.  So I'm choosing to focus on her diet.

For the time being, we are switching to soy milk and limiting her intake of dairy and fruit (acidic).  I suspect she is having a lactose/dairy issue so we'll see if this helps.  

I'm not in a great mood today because I just want us all to get healthy again.  I don't want to feel ill any longer (ear still plugged, still congested, still on meds).  C is phlegmy as well though we got out this weekend quite a bit so I'm glad for that.

I want so badly to write about my work but I don't want to get dooced or anything.  Let me just say that I'm not sure that working for a small, private company where the owner's children seem to get special treatment may not be the environment for me.  I'm not sure how long I can put up with rules that are loosely enforced and there are signs of favoritism.  I also don't appreciate getting scolded for taking a sick day.  That is all.

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  1. I bet we have the same thing... UGH...

    Start applying to jobs everywhere else... If you get one, then leave. Maybe the new job would have benefits too! :)