Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Name Change

Funny, but this isn't about changing my personal name to take on C's last name.  Those of you who know me IRL (or from Facebook) already know that I changed my name without hesitation.  My  main reasoning is that since Addy already has that name, now the whole family shares the name!  

Note: it didn't come without a tiny bit of struggle but it was incredibly minimal.  It's a little hard to give up the name you've had for 30+ years and it causes a wee bit of reflection but in the end, it was what I wanted.

No, this post is actually about changing my blog name.  Destination: Married doesn't seem to fit any longer since we're married now.  In fact, we're married twice!  C is my second husband, heh (and my first...).

I'm going to attempt to move everything and if all goes as planned you shouldn't even notice the change.  But, you may have to reset your links?  I'm not tech-y so I probably don't know what I'm doing.  The plan is to move to Destination: Bliss or something similar.

So, join me on this ride!


  1. You can change it, and it should all transfer fine. In fact, your Google followers will automatically be updated. If there's anyone that just has your link saved, they will be shown some sort of "Blogger Address Doesn't Exsist" page. I can show you how if you want.

  2. Oh good! I was afraid you would stop blogging once you were married. I know I'm a slacker about commenting, but I read religiously.

    I understand on the name thing. It was especially bittersweet for me. I absolutely wanted Paul's last name, but I was highly attached to my maiden name because one, I lost my father (who is my hero) 6 years ago, and two, my cousin and I are the end of the line for the family name. No more Settlemoir after us. So I kept my maiden name as my legal maiden name. Best decision I ever made. I like having a three name name : )