Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Counting Down - Friday

I'm finally ready to get back to wedding recaps.  Though, after this post I'll probably take another break from recaps until I get my pro pictures back.  Recapping will be so much more fun with the professional shots from the day!

Friday morning, Addy woke us up and we grabbed some breakfast.  My parents generously offered to take Addy for a few hours while C & I took care of some wedding stuff.  Seriously, nicest thing ever.  It was so relaxing to do these things without chasing a 2-year-old around.  I love Addy but she can get into some stuff.

So we dropped her off with them and ran to Target for last minute supplies.  One cool thing we did at our reception was provide a Kids Table that was full of toys and coloring books and NO glass or china or silverware so all the kids at our reception could have somewhere to hang out.  Or have somewhere to steal toys from.  So we raided the dollar section at Target and picked up some other things for ourselves.

We then picked up my MOH and headed for the park.  We grabbed the park coordinator (who seriously seemed like she would have rather been anywhere else then with us) and made her do a walk through with us while I peppered her with questions.  The result was that I felt much better at the end and we got permission to put our signs in the ground!

We then had some lunch together and planned our lunch order for the next day and just hung out.  C dropped us back at the hotel where we visited for a bit and then said hi to some guests in the lobby.  After that it was nail time!

 It was nice to sit around for a bit and get nails done but it took far too long and we barely had time to get ready before the rehearsal started!  We ran back to the hotel and changed and headed off to the park to practice!

Here I am with our amazing DOC going over a few details.  I will say that at this point I was starting to get tired of all the questions but that's what happens when basically everything is in my head and not common knowledge.

We ran through everything once and made decisions on the spot and decided we were all smart enough to get it.  MISTAKE.  We should have gone through just a little more in detail, especially the part where our moms brought up our rings.  I mentioned that before.

After that, we picked up my dress from the cleaners and headed to our rehearsal dinner.  Dinner was chaotic to say the least.  Addy didn't want to sit at all, the servers needed to know what to bring out, everything was loud and I was stressed.  Plus, we forgot a diaper bag so we had no diapers for Addy and I *almost* left my own rehearsal dinner to find the nearest store to buy some diapers...  Thank goodness it didn't come to that and everything was fine.

I think I ate a bit of salad, a couple bites of appetizer and 1 piece of pizza for the night.  I just could not relax.

Here are C & I thanking everyone for coming and starting to hand out gifts.  I wish I'd taken some time to thank all my girls but emotions were running so high I just couldn't.  I tried to thank my parents and basically got out, "Thanks..." before having to cut myself off.

I did get to spend some QT with Addy though, here we are playing Peek-a-boo for a bit after everything was done.

Once dinner was done, back to the hotel to put Addy to bed, visit with the girls and get some rest.  For some reason, C & I decided to spend that night apart and he had a guys sleep over while MOH Kelly slept with me.  I can't say for sure if that was a good or bad idea, I think I would have slept poorly no matter what but poor Kelz had to put up with me since I was pretty restless.

I alternately felt really nervous and kind of nauseous for a lot of the night.  It didn't help that there was a party next door to us until 2am.

One last picture to show off my dad's gift to me.  My dad traveled to India for work and got back 1 week before the wedding.  While in India he picked up a necklace & earring set for me.  He tried really hard to make sure it was blue since he knew my wedding colors were shade of blue.  The stones of the necklace are coral and I think they're SO pretty!

Good job Dad!

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