Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come Rain or Come Shine

I'm here!  I'm married!  It was WONDERFUL!

I meant to come back and do a kind of "sign off" post but I ran out of time.  I'd started it but never finished it and so it never got published.

The day was amazing.  We were so lucky to have the rain hold off for us, we even got the sun peeking out a few times!  That was a miracle considering that up until about an hour before the ceremony we weren't sure if we were going to move inside or not.  On Friday they were predicting 80% chance of thunderstorms the day of our wedding.  You can understand that I was a little stressed out.

And so the ceremony went off without a hitch is our gorgeous pavilion and I was one happy bride.  I loved my dress, I loved the way everything looked together.  There's such a feeling of pride when you see all your details come together and you get comments from guests about your touches.  How grateful they are for the flip flops for when their shoes start to hurt or how perfect the robot cake toppers and seating chart are or how cute the favors are.  It's such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and also validation that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

I have a few pictures to share and I think tomorrow I can start walking through the days leading up to the event.  I can do a budget post at some point and also vendor reviews.  Just trying to kill time until my pro pictures arrive.  

Until then, these will have to tide you over:

Addy was so great, walked up with Kelly and held her basket.  She looked SO cute!
My dad bought a new Stetson and polished up his boots for the big day.  Here's your first glance of my dress
Our Kiss!
Family shot!

Here's a shot looking at the pavilion set up.  I love the architecture of the wooden beams!
Here's a shot of the back of my dress and my handsome groom!

Cake!  This was *almost* perfect but the ribbon was supposed to be navy blue instead of red.  Not a big deal at all, I took it in stride.

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  1. I was wondering about the cake! It didn't quite look as I had envisioned from what you told me... still good!

    P.S. The cake in our fridge is looking awfully tempting! :)