Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Like Raaaaiiinn On Your Wedding Day

One thing that C & I have neglected to do in regards to our wedding day is come up with a Rain Plan.

I know, I know.  The girl who plans EVERYTHING did not plan for rain.  Unbelievable.

Well, for a while I simply figured that it just couldn't rain.  That it wouldn't dare.  

But... I've been stalking the weather forecast and this is what I'm seeing:
Hopefully that's not itsy-bitsy for you.  Now, I'm not going crazy over here.  I know things will change.  Yesterday the forecasted temp was 78 but still raining.  Today it's down to 71 with rain.  They predict 4 hours of rain.  I only need a 2 hour window.  I need time for the chairs to be set up and dried off, time to get married and time to get the hell back inside.  That's all.

But I think maybe it's time that I accept that it could rain.  Mother Nature is being a big ol B this year so it probably WILL rain.

The thing is, our reception venue is OK but that's all.  It's only OK.  It's not amazing or magical or anything.  I didn't want to get married there because I wasn't impressed with anything they had to offer for our ceremony.  I don't really want to get married there but the way I see it we have 3 options.

1) it doesn't rain or it rains for a small window in the morning and everything goes as planned with nary a problem.
2) it rains and we cut the ceremony all together and start our dinner by exchanging vows in the reception hall before eating dinner.
      2a) So C & I just sit around until 6pm, waiting for the reception to start?
      2b) Do a First Look & all the wedding party pictures before hand since we'll have extra time
3) Reserve a room at Pheasant Run as our back up, be married at 3pm as planned and go from there
      3a) The room costs $500 that will be wasted if it doesn't rain
      3b) The rooms at PR are BORING and we will have zero decorations to make them any better.  A boring conference room with chairs & nothing else.  And there's nothing I can do about it without spending more money on things that may or may not be used.

I know that technically it shouldn't matter.  That the important thing is that we're getting married! but I've had all my dreams pinned on using this pavilion on the river and it being gorgeous and making up for the stupid ballroom our reception will be in.

And also?  Something that just occurred to me is how to handle informing everyone of the change of plans.  How do we tell everyone?  And who's going to take my cell phone away so I don't throw it through a window?


  1. My best friend got married by a river in Michigan. In the rain. In 45 degree weather in October. She rented a tent to keep us all dry! Is that a possibility for you guys? At least then you still have the view! just a thought. :-)

  2. I would say reserve the boring room... We can hang the pennant things in there, and maybe the "I do" thing... I know it's REALLY not what you want to do, but I bet your newest sister-in-law will borrow you some of her decor so it's not totally void of decorations...