Thursday, May 26, 2011


Friends, that right there is a sneak peek from our photographer and definitely NOT a regret!  She told me that's minimal editing but I'm loving what I'm seeing!  I wish C's body line was better but I still love it!

The last few days I've been thinking about the wedding and things that I missed.  I figured if I wrote a blog about it that I would feel better and realize that none of it is really a big deal.  Most of it is missed picture opportunities, nothing big.

  1. I wish I'd remembered to get a picture of the 2 of us and both sets of parents together.  We took shots of us and each set of parents but didn't put them together.
  2. We used sparklers but C & I didn't take them outside to do cool shots with them.
    1. I should be happy we even got to use the sparklers - that was a battle from the beginning!
  3. We never got any pictures of C & I being just lovey or lost in our own world (that I know of, we haven't seen all the pictures yet)
    1. I should point out that C is totally not that kind of guy though, to just take a walk and forget the photographer.  He doesn't care about pictures like I do.
  4. C is a high school teacher and I completely forgot to request "Don't Stand So Close To Me" which is a running joke cause he's pretty damn good looking!
    1. We did have tons of special songs though with choreographed dances and everything so I'm not too upset
  5. I wish that we'd gone through the ceremony notes better during the rehearsal.  At one point our moms brought up the ring dishes with our rings.  One dish was still in the tulle bag it came in.  Both moms kind of dumped them and ran.  I wish I'd taken the time to say, "OK, bring up the rings (all the way up, C's Mom barely climbed the stairs) and give each of us a hug before you sit back down."
    1. I also wish I'd told someone that the song was supposed to start DURING that ring debacle instead of after it so C & I stood there for the full song staring at each other - not a bad thing but the timing could have been better.
  6. I wish I hadn't felt ill for approximately half of our reception.  I literally wanted to throw up.  No idea what caused this and I never actually did but I contemplated it for a good 30 minutes.  I should have taken something for my stomach at the beginning of the day to avoid any stomach issues later on.  I barely ate any of my dinner at the reception and I was looking forward to it!
  7. And finally, I wish we'd dealt with the Addy situation long before our reception so I didn't have to stress out for about an hour wondering what we were going to do with her for the night.
    1. Side note: this is no one's fault (definitely not yours Sarah) that things didn't work out.  We should have planned better and not waited until the last minute to make the alternate arrangements.
    Most of all, I wish I remembered more of it.  The more I think about it, the more blurry it all gets!  It's like it never even happened and it was just one crazy dream.  I'm hoping seeing the pictures will help with that.  Ladies - is it the same way for you?

    I will get in to some of this in more detail as we go.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember some more pictures to post when talking about Friday & the rehearsal.

    One word: plan out your Must Haves before the big day because there is far too much going on for you to just remember.  Must have photos, Must have songs, Must Have actions from people.  Go over details even if you think you're being a wedding nazi.  It will help in the end!

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    1. #6: At least you felt well enough to stay at your reception! I regret missing all the fun & dancing. The part I was second most looking forward to! (After the part about getting married to the best guy ever.) I was bummed I missed the late-night apps too! :(

      #7: I figured we would end up with Addy, and I was fine with that, but Adam wanted to stay and celebrate his only sister's wedding. I should have just told him "no tough luck," but I didn't want him to feel forced, since you are his sister.

      It was all a blur for me too... but getting the pictures did help.

      And I will second the "Must Haves." I made lists and gave people timelines of whens & wheres. I think it helped, but of course I knew it wouldn't be exact. (My groom showed up 1/2 hour late... but tells me he stood around for quite a while, cause it doesn't take guys that long to get ready.)