Monday, May 16, 2011

I Vow

To bad mouth blogger for losing one of the most important entries I've ever written!  Arrgh!

The vows post is NOT coming back and I'm trying to rewrite them and it's not working because I'm caught in this place of knowing I did a great job the first time and trying to remember them and thinking I should start from scratch because I'll never get them back.

If any of you have them in your feed somewhere, could you copy & paste them and email them to me?  I'm going crazy!

Other topics.  Over the weekend I accomplished the following:
  • Haircut & color to "freshen up"
  • New tires on my vehicle
  • 8 DOZEN cookies
  • Purchased undergarments for my dress
  • Purchased cards for my 'maids
  • Packed up OOT Bags (Corey really did this...)
  • Finished the table numbers
  • and pawned off the Thank You sign to my SIL's mom
I have just a few things left to do:
  • WRITE VOWS (Thanks again Blogger...)
  • Find the f-ing Flower Girl basket we were "gifted" by my Step-Gma
  • Paint the L-O-V-E letters I bought
  • PACK
And I think I can consider that the end.  If it's not done by tomorrow night, it's not getting done.  That's it.

My parents are coming over tonight to pick up things that we're sending down with them.  That will be nice to get some of that stuff out of our house.  It's so cluttered at the moment.  Then we'll work on packing up ourselves and hit the road on Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wedding Week!

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