Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fine Print

One thing about weddings that does not come up often in other life situations is signing your name to multiple contracts all promising money in exchange for goods or services.  Your vendors will draw up all the contracts for you to sign but it's extremely important that you read them over to make sure you understand what is included and what is not.

Hopefully you've chosen wonderful vendors and you have no issues asking them questions about what the contracts states and what that means.  For instance, we hired a Day of Coordinator (DOC) for our rehearsal and wedding day.  I read over the contract and signed away and sent over the deposit.  Then the e-mails began with me asking all kinds of questions.  At the end of every e-mail I always stated that if I was asking them to go above and beyond the duties we had hired them for to please let me know.  If it's not their job to e-mail the parks dept. to find out if we're allowed to have a wedding there, then I shouldn't ask them to do that.  But I didn't know so I always tried to be extremely up front about what they did and did not do.

Today I got documents from our wedding venue with all our details in them.  When things will start, when we will have access to certain areas, what time things should end, our menu selections and prices of each, our agreed upon minimum, etc.

It's a good thing that I have trained myself to read over the documents because their start time and my start time for the bridal suite were vastly different.  Like, 4 hours different.  Additionally, they got some pricing wrong which left uncaught would have cost us almost $1000!  I'm actually still waiting for an answer on the pricing issue but it's in my original contract that way so they have to honor it!

I highly encourage that you read your contracts both when you receive them AND just before the wedding so you understand what you're supposed to get the day of.  I anticipate that it will save me multiple stress headaches if I get everyone on the same page ahead of time.

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