Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Weeks Out

Ok, technically it's 2 weeks from Saturday but I was at work the other day and realized that any of my projects, heck anything having to do with the wedding, needs to be done by the Tuesday before!  That is the last night we'll have to do anything at home because that Wednesday we'll load up the vehicle and ride on down to Chicago!

So I might have had a mini panic attack and I might have spent $60 at Michael's yesterday to complete some projects like a Thank you sign for pictures and some guest book table decorations and some battery operated tea lights...

I did a mock-up of a table number (they're supposed to look like this) and it was ok.  It will work.  My issue is that I wanted to avoid having to buy and use glass vases in the center and have the paper stand on it's own.  It seemed fine the only issue is that I get a seam where the paper overlaps on the back side.  I'm also having issues figuring out how to make them at home and transfer them without crushing them.  I'm thinking that perhaps I can get my hands on a wine case with the dividers in it.

I created a program that I'm pretty proud of.  It's double-sided and crammed with info but I think it's nice.  C likes it too so we're set there.  I just need to print them and cut them all in half.

I finally ordered our guest book!  And bought pens so people can actually write us messages!  I have to make sure all my bridesmaids know that we want people to sign them so we actually get some signatures.

My to-do list is still long but I'm trying to just take deep breaths and knock things out where I can.  

2 weeks!

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