Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost Decided

After yesterday's post I decided that the easiest and most logical thing to do would be to get hotel rooms in downtown Chicago.  So I emailed my MOHs and gave them my list of names and what I thought would make sense.

I have a very diverse group of friends.  My college friends are the ones I drink with and we have done our share of drinking (and probably then some).  Most of us are grown ups and moms so those days are kind of behind us but we have still been known to get our drink on, as the kids say.  Bachelorette parties in the past have included strippers at a house, going to a male strip club, lots of drinking and dancing.

My Cali friends really don't drink and are slightly more reserved.  They don't imbibe so much and I don't think they've seen many naked men.  At least, not up close and personal if you know what I'm sayin'.  They don't really care for dirty movies or crazy clubs & dancing.  They're more stay in and hang out together girls.  Or wine bar girls.

And then there's C's friends, one of whom is in the wedding and so I invited her and a couple other girls that will all know each other.  I've only really seen them a handful of times, twice at weddings.  I have a feeling these girls are more like my college friends, but we've never seen each other in a Bachelorette party kind of situation.

It's interesting to note that my 2 MOHs are one college friend and one Cali friend.

With all this in mind, I gave the MOHs 2 options.  One is a drinking play called Bye, Bye Liver.  It sounds like an amazing good time.  Comedy sketches about going to the bar, drinking games built in, laughter and drinks.  Sounds great!  It was running in MN for a bit but I missed it and was disappointed.  The play runs at 8 & 10pm so there would be time for dinner, then play, then dancing.

The other option is a male revue that doesn't seem too raunchy, just a good time.  I think we could do dinner, and then go to the club.  The club has 3 hours of open bar for $30 which sounds like a good deal but also sounds like a lot of trouble.  After that, dancing.  I really do want to go dancing somewhere.

I'd be fine with either option but I think the play sounds unique AND fun!  Depending on what these girls decide for me, it will also help me figure out outfits.  I'd still like to glam it up a little but that's not usually my style.  I might even wear, gasp, a dress!

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