Friday, January 28, 2011

On My Mind

The things that are currently on my mind right now are Sunday's shoot and showers & bachelorette parties.  I've blogged about all of them.

After Monday, when I talk about how the shoot went, you probably won't hear about it again for a while.  Though, she did say we'd have the pictures in time for Valentine's Day so it won't actually be too long to wait.  I decided that there was nothing morally wrong with buying something for the shoot and returning it basically unworn.  I mean, I'm seriously not wearing them outside or doing any damage to them so why not?  I actually want to go buy some sexy heels now and do the same thing with them.  I'm not returning underwear or anything, just shoes.

That said, I did buy some boots yesterday, but I'm not sure they're right.  I think C really wants something like these.  I just couldn't find anything that would work and I figured these were better than nothing.  And that brown is the color I ended up with since they were out of black.  They're knee high and they've got that wedge heel.  I just don't know about them.  I'll leave it up to the stylist/photographer to help me decide.

I'm pretty much ready though.  I'd like my stomach to be flatter and my butt to magically get tighter but I suppose I'll live.  I know C likes what he sees and this will actually be better looking that normal life (thank you Photo Editor!)  My big concern now is getting all this stuff out to the car without C seeing and pampering myself (shaving everything, lots of lotion, nail polish, etc.) without arousing any suspicion.

The other thing I'll have to update on Monday is my first dress fitting (finally!)  I probably haven't been updating about this but I had an appt. last weekend for a fitting and it was rescheduled.  Then we were supposed to meet on Tuesday but she called to say that not only was it not going to work but she thought she just couldn't do my dress at all!  So I had to find someone new and fortunately my mom knows someone so I have an appt. tomorrow.

Monday should be a long post day!

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