Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You can imagine that with my cousin getting married only 3 weeks prior to our wedding that there is a lot of overlap and logistics that need figuring out.  We both should have showers and bach. parties and there aren't that many weekends free to do so.

L's bridesmaids are nice girls but they haven't really stepped up with planning much.  She & I talked over the weekend and picked our dates for things (4 weekends in a row of parties... Whew!) and I told her that as her cousin and a bridesmaid that I would step up and take over the shower.  I think she's slightly relieved that someone is going to do it.

I sent out an e-mail to the other BMs yesterday detailing what I'd already decided in terms of menu, favors, and games and told them that while I was total Type-A (who, me?!) that I was open to suggestion and they shouldn't think I was some kind of shower Nazi.

The issues are that my shower is 3 weeks after hers so I want them to be original and not copies of eachother.  That means constant checking with my girls who are planning mine to find out what food they'll have, what games they'll plan and what favors they plan to give out.

For L's Shower I've planned a light lunch spread since it starts around 2pm.  Small appetizers and salads and hopefully a soup.  I didn't know how much help I'd have (other than C - he's in by default)  so I tried to keep it easy and hopefully things I can either make ahead of time or buy.  Like a pasta salad and crackers & cheese.

The favors should be cookie mix in a jar with M&Ms and a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  I totally stole the idea from another shower I went to but no one needs to know that.  I figure after V-day we should be able to snatch up all kinds of heart and love stuff to use for the shower.  

Now to figure out some fun games, and no TP Bride...

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