Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfitting Myself

Yesterday I received 2 packages in the mail.  One was my blue wedding shoes (!) which are a little small and I think will need to go back for the next 1/2 size up, and the other was a OSU jersey.

I'm finalizing my outfits for this weekend's photo shoot and one absolutely must have outfit is the OSU jersey and red boy shorts.  I contemplated knee socks but didn't want to spend the money on something I'll never wear again.

My planned outfits are: the OSU stuff, 2 bra & panty sets, 2 lingerie sets, a button down shirt & tie of C's, and nothing.  No full frontal planned, but C lusts over Katie Perry's Teenage Dream album cover, so we can re-create that.

Yesterday, my wonderful husband comes home and informs me that he saw a girl at work (a high schooler - we're not going there) wearing furry boots and hot pants as he likes to call them.  He means really tight yoga pants that leave nothing to the imagination.  He decided that I need to get some furry boots cause he thought I would look hot.  

I think it's important that I mention that C is not attracted to his students.  I mean, who wouldn't find 18 year old girls hot, but his job is on the line and that's pretty much against the law and I keep him pretty happy overall.  He wants me in boots, not this girl.

Anyway, he meant the boots that someone in like Russia would wear.  So guess what I spent my morning doing?  Searching online for furry boots that could get to me by Saturday so I can have them for Sunday.  All because of one little comment.

But I already have a vest thing and with some panties and the vest and the boots, that could be pretty hot...

Would it be completely dishonest of me to buy the boots, wear them for the shoot and then return them?  I wouldn't wear them outside and I wouldn't do anything crazy in them.  They'd just be a prop.  What do you think?

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