Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Weekend

Saturday was my dress fitting and it went very well.  The seamstress is only charging me $175 for EVERYTHING!  That's amazing!  She has to hem the dress (5 layers), take in through the hips, take in the bust, replace the sash and re-do the bustle.  I even got to wear my shoes with it and they're going to be great.  And my mom came which was really nice.  The dress is still beautiful and I'm so happy with it.  

The seamstress is also going to do my bach. party dress since it's a little big on me.  I wanted to just exchange it but the dress is gone on the website so I'll have her do it.  She's so affordable that it will be great to just have her do it.

As for my photo shoot, I'm happy I did it but I'm having mixed feelings about it.  It seemed really rushed.  I got there 10 minutes early and sat for more than that waiting for the make up chair to free up.  The girl who did hair and make up was good, but it seemed like she was just getting through it if that makes sense.  I was the last appointment of the day so it seemed like she didn't care as much about me and just threw it all together.  That said, it did look good.  The make up was good and the hair was this tousled curls look.  She called it JBF (just been F'ed).  

I showed the girls the boots & vest look and they loved the boots so we did that first.  Then they suggested something they called "tribal" which was me wearing nothing but boots, a huge neck scarf and this weird necklace thing.  Don't worry, I stayed covered but not by much.

Then we switched into a trench coat with this skirted lace thong and black heels and posed with that for a while.  Then a pink negligee with crazy high pink glitter platform heels (bought on Saturday, being returned this week).  They brought out a chair to pose with this outfit.  We also did the OSU outfit with pigtails and lastly a man's shirt with a tie.

Writing it out makes it sound like a lot.  I was disappointed in a few things.  I felt like they didn't listen much to what I wanted.  Maybe I should have been more forceful.  I didn't use any of the jewelry I brought even though I mentioned that I'd brought a long strand of pearls with me.  We never moved away from the one area for photos even though she had a white brick wall and this netting stuff hanging in one area.  There was no lying down for shots at all, just standing or the chair.  We also didn't do any just topless with panties, which I was ready to do.

I will say that the ladies were all really nice, complementing me on how great I looked, how I had nice legs and they couldn't believe I'd had a baby.  I was super nervous before I got there, I mean, I agreed to take my clothes off in front of a perfect stranger, but I calmed down a lot when it was time.  The make up lady was a little nuts but she did a good job and told me I had nice skin and that I was super cute. 

I'm not going to stress over it until I see the pictures.  If they're awesome and C loves them then it doesn't matter.  It will be a couple weeks before I get them so we'll just have to wait until then!

All in all, if you're thinking of doing it, go for it!  It was a good experience and I know the pictures will be a great confidence booster when I get them.  I also know C is going to lose his mind when he sees them.  I don't know that I'd recommend a marathon unless you're prepared to feel a little rushed.  I had no idea what the studio looked like and I wish I'd asked more questions because I was totally expecting a bed set up.  But I still recommend the experience no matter what your shape!

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