Sunday, January 16, 2011


Those of you who are actually reading, do you remember when I had to find a new photographer because I hadn't heard from mine in months?  And how I was upset because I felt abandoned?  And I e-mailed her a while ago and got absolutely no response?

Yeah, you can probably see where this is going.

She sent me a message on FB today talking about how excited she is to shoot my wedding and could I send her details about the wedding like a timeline, etc.  What?

Um, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.  Obviously I just have to tell her that since I never received a contract or heard from her for MONTHS that I signed a contract with another photographer and can't use her any longer.

I feel bad about it but I did almost everything I could to get ahold of her.  I suppose the only other thing I could have done was e-mail her through FB, but seriously, if you own a business you should be checking your business e-mail!  And if you say you're going to send someone a contract, you should actually do that.

I feel very badly about the whole thing.  Hopefully she'll understand the situation and it won't be an issue.


  1. I'm in the exact opposite situation. I had found a great photographer at a great price and last Wednesday, she sent me a contract and deposit info. I told her I'd get it back to her and I was looking forward to working with her. Friday I sent her an email letting her know I was sending in my contract and did she want me to mail the deposit in a check or PayPal it... and she tells me I'M SO SORRY, I BOOKED A WEDDING FOR AUGUST 20TH IN OHIO. You WHAT? After I JUST told you Wednesday I wanted to hire you? Who does that!? Why are photographers so shady? LOL.

  2. That's so weird! Our photographer warned us that she was talking to another couple when we interviewed her so we knew we were racing against them. We talked to another photographer who at that time was available but she also told us that she was in the process of signing a contract so we didn't bother to go any further with her. What a pain for you!