Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Girls Weekend

One of the things that I shouldn't have to stress about but do anyway is my Bachelorette party.  Of course, it seems that I stress about everything to some degree so this is normal.  But the biggies are, where do we have it, what do we do, what will I wear?

Where is almost easy.  Chicago makes the most sense since my girls are spread out in MN, MI, OH, and CA.  The majority can drive it where the Cali girls can hopefully fly in.  Plus, the Cali girls have the option of flying directly to Chicago or to MN and spending 5 hours in the car with me.  I mean, no brainer!

So the where is done but the what? that's a little harder.  I have it down to 2 options.  We could go outside of Chicago and rent a house ( and spend the weekend being girls and staying indoors.  Cooking meals together, playing games and watching movies.  There's something very tempting about that but I see a couple issues.  Not all my girls know eachother and what if some girls don't get along?  Plus, spending the weekend with people you don't know could be awkward!  We'd all be stuck in the same house together with not much to do but interact.

The other option is to get a hotel downtown and party and dance the night away!  It would be shopping/sight-seeing during the day and dancing & drinking in the night with a possible male review show thrown in.  Issues with this are that it's more expensive and not everyone likes to drink and dance.  Plus, when I think of this I want a little more glamor so I'm thinking dress & heels and that's not everyone's style.  But the pros would be that people are separated by hotel rooms so it wouldn't be as "in your face" all weekend.  And any activities could be separated according to who wants to do what.  Another con though is trying to keep track of ~10 girls in downtown Chicago.

My 2 MOH are already working together but before they can plan, they need to know what I want and I don't have an answer!  How to choose?

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