Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm trying to figure out my bridesmaid gifts and also C's, our parents, and anyone else that I'm supposed to buy a gift for.  It's a lot of work!

For my girls, I wanted to put together gift bags that contained the following items:

Monogrammed key fobs
A necklace or earrings depending on the necklines of their dresses

A pashmina to keep them warm
And flip flops to rest their toes.  I don't have the flip flops yet.

For our parents, I have no idea what to give them.  Traditionally, couples give their parents pictures in super nice frames or a photo album after the wedding is over.  I'd like to give them something at the rehearsal to let them know we appreciate everything they've done for us.  The question is just, what is it and also how much is in the budget to spend on it? 

C has yet to decide what he's going to give his guys.  He doesn't necessarily want to do flasks or one generic gift for all of them (thanks hun).  I suppose I'll leave that up to him, he knows the guys, he can figure it out.

That just leaves the question of who else we're supposed to buy presents for.  My brothers are all going to sing at the ceremony, do we buy them each something?  What do we give our officiant (when we figure out who he is)?  Readers at the ceremony?

Just another thing to think about in this crazy wedding planning world.

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