Monday, January 10, 2011

The Moms

I know I've talked about a unity ceremony before and how I didn't like the unity candle, but if we don't do something like that then how do we involve our moms?  I love the symbolism that we come from different families and are joining together now and I love the thought of having our moms involved but I could not come up with a way to make it happen for the longest time.

Then I started thinking about the ceremony and things that we would involve and what we would take out.  We exchanged rings at our civil ceremony back in September but they were extremely affordable and were not meant to be our "wedding bands" for our lives.  We actually went ring shopping over the weekend but have yet to purchase anything.

So I decided that our moms would carry in our rings in little ring dishes and when the time comes to exchange rings, they'll come forward and give them to us.  That way we'll get to hug them and involve them.  I like the idea that our rings come from each family, just like we do.  

So, of course, the ring dish idea necessitated another Etsy search where I stumbled upon these pretties.  Then I wondered what to do with them after the wedding and I think that either the moms can have them back or we could hang them with a wedding picture between them.

Now the question is, does C's mom have my ring or his ring?  Does it matter?

Save the Dates (STDs) are officially done.  I gave some out at our holiday party over the weekend for addresses I didn't have or people I wasn't sure I was supposed to invite.  Now we turn our concentration over to invites.  I'm having issues with out invite person because we found some amazing invites on etsy and had a meeting in Chicago but since then they've been extremely unresponsive.  I told C that if we didn't absolutely love the design that I'd drop them.  I've looked at other invites but haven't found anything that is as good as these.

I'm actually starting to wonder if I should give up and just make them myself.  I know it's an undertaking but I think it could be done if I ordered the pre-folded pocket envelopes and just printed out the invite part and somehow glued/attached it.  Then in the pocket goes the map, RSVP, and accommodations card.  They have websites that have the whole package put together so you can just print them and assemble them.  It might be worth looking in to.

Another project I'd like to take on soon is the photo booth props.  I found a tutorial to make them so I would just need some stiff felt, some glue and some dowels.  That seems like something I can knock out over a weekend.  Mustaches, mouths, hats (think top hat and bowler), eye patches, and masks (Batman!) here we come!

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