Friday, April 22, 2011

4 Weeks Out

Ok, so technically it's 4 weeks from tomorrow but we'll just gloss over that part.  For all intents & purposes (C thinks the phrase is "intensive purposes") we'll call it 4 weeks.

I thought I could do a check up on the wedding since it's only 4 weeks out.  Maybe if I do a run down here, it will help me figure out what I'm missing or still need to do.

We get to town late Wednesday night.  Thursday the only things we have to do are pick up C's parents at the airport and then have dinner with both sets of parents and probably my MOH K.  I also want to take my dress to the cleaners that day so I know it's done.

Friday I'll have lunch with which ever girls have made it to town by then and then it's off to the nail salon for manis & pedis.  Rehearsal starts at 5pm at the park.  We don't need anything for the rehearsal except for people to be there.  But we should probably make sure whatever we have for sound is working & loud enough.

Rehearsal dinner to follow at 6pm.  Reservations are made so the only other thing we have to do is decide how we're handling drinks.  We also have to remember our gifts for our attendants so we can hand them out there.

I don't want to drink much and I don't want a late night because while I've never been a bride before, I've been in plenty of weddings and I know how long the day gets.  I really hope I can be in bed by, say, 10 or 11 to get my beauty sleep.

Saturday is the big day!  Hopefully I can sleep in a little (yeah right, we'll have Addy with us).  We take control of the bridal suite at 10am and everything just snow balls from there.  Hair & make up starts around 10:30 I think and the photographer should arrive around 1pm.  Pictures at 2pm, Ceremony at 3pm, Cocktails at 5pm and dinner starts at 6pm.  Things end in the ballroom at 12am but who knows what happens after that.

Then Sunday we've planned brunch with everyone before leaving town and that starts at 10am.  I know, I'm nuts for planning that but if people have to be checked out by noon and everyone wants to hit the road then we'll need to start brunch at 10 to get that done.

So that's the layout as I see it.  It needs some fleshing out and I think I need to go through and detail what I need and anything having to do with it.  Like, Hair & Make Up starts at 10:30 so I need to have a check for them and their contract and my headband and whatever else goes with it.

Hmm, it probably sounds like I've got it under control, right?

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