Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dresses that Weren't

I thought today we could take a walk through the dresses that didn't make the cut, but almost did.  

The first dress I ever fell in love with... I can't find a picture of.  I've wasted far too much time poking around the internet trying to find it but no luck.  Since I can't remember the style number and it's older, it makes it impossible to find.  It was from the Mori Lee Blu line.  I saw it online and it literally took my breath away.  My heart started beating a bit faster and I couldn't stop staring.

I quickly tracked down a local bridal salon that carried the line and dragged some friends in to try it on.  Sadly, I didn't like the way it fit me, there was an odd asymmetrical line across my mid-section that I didn't care for.  But at that appointment I did find a dress that was a front runner until the very end!

Meet Karena Royale:

I loved this dress.  I loved the way it fit, I loved that it had just a bit of sparkle, I loved the sash.  I did not, however, love the price.  At close to $1300 it blew my budget out of the water.  So I scoured the used boards trying (in vain) to find her.

During my search, I found another dress that I loved, the Camden:
 Unfortunately, even though I found a used dress that seemed to be in my size for the right price, I couldn't pull the trigger without actually trying the dress on.  I never found the dress in a salon so it had to get off my list.  I still love that lace wrapped mid-section with the sash...

I found another dress that never graced my body, the Fanal:
I liked that the Fanal was simple but hugged my body (or looked like it would).  This dress is currently ALL OVER the used sites as it was pretty popular last year(?) and now brides everywhere are trying to get some money back for it.

One last dress that was close to making the cut was the Philipa:

This dress was nice but heavy.  The lace was scratchy under my arms but it definitely flattered my body in a lovely way.  Plus, there was something about the way the dress ended, the hemline, that bothered me.

When I finally sat down and thought about what I wanted in a wedding dress, I realized that all these dresses had lace, were a little fitted (or a lot), most had sashes, but I wanted something romantic, flowy, and light.  It had to suit our outdoor spring wedding.

And that's how I found my Jasmine T282.  It fit all the qualities I listed and believe it or not, I teared up when I thought about my dad walking me towards C with me in that dress.  It was perfect.

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