Thursday, April 21, 2011


I haven't really been blogging so much lately for a number of reasons.

One, I'm not sure what to blog about.  We're getting down to the nitty-gritty and there's not much going on right now.  I could tell you about our trip to Sam's Club to scope out goodies for the OOT bags but that's boring.  We went shopping, we saw some food, we didn't buy any.

I could tell you about how we finally got the YES from our officiant and I've been working on our ceremony, but that's all there is to tell you.

I could tell you about our numbers for RSVPs right now but that's still kind of a touchy subject.

Two, I'm still bitter about my brother's wedding which happened last night.  The wedding was perfectly nice but they still haven't RSVP'd to my wedding and he told me last night that they, "still weren't sure about May" and they'd have to let me know.

Seriously?  2 months ago (when you weren't engaged) you told me you might not be able to afford to attend my wedding  Then you went and got engaged which I thought was wonderful but you planned a wedding to take place in only 6 weeks.  One month before my own wedding.  Did you think about how that would make me feel?  And how could you afford to have a wedding for 60 people with a DJ and all the food and favors and whatever but you didn't know if you could afford the ~$400 to come to my wedding?!  And that's over-estimating for gas & 2 nights in a hotel.

Does anyone else see the issue here?  I don't care that they got married, in fact, I think it's great.  I'm happy that my brother found someone and all that.  I care that they put on this show that was an inconvenience for a lot of us but we made the effort but they "don't know" if they can come to my wedding that they've known about for 9 months.

Thanks for letting me get that out.

Back to our regular posts tomorrow.


  1. Is their deal still the money? I mean, I'm guessing that K's mom paid for a lot of the stuff at the wedding (like the flower girl dresses, unless J&B paid for them), but I doubt she paid for all of it... Maybe they can use the money that we all gave them to go to your wedding. Maybe they can pawn the "highly appraised" quilt that T made them to help pay for it too. Which just made me think... how did she get that done in 6 weeks, but still hasn't done the wall-hanging deal that she was going to donate to SB for our wedding?

  2. S - I think it is money because Ch said something about "If I have a week like last week then we're in..."
    I'm holding my tongue until I get an answer either way. Then we'll see what happens.