Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Pressing Matter

99% of our wedding guests are traveling to Chicago area from out of town.  They are using all kinds of planes, trains & automobiles for sure.  Every member of my wedding party is traveling with their dresses including myself and my wedding gown and my mom & MIL with their gowns.

This presents a small problem as I want us all looking our best and wrinkly clothes will not make the best impression...  Especially for those flying in.

I called the resort and they do not press items like gowns so they're out.  They would have been the most convenient but oh well.  I also called a bridal shop in town and they will press my gown but they want $125 to press (which, ok, not so bad) and $175 for an "outside fee" because I didn't purchase my dress there!  WTH?

I found a dry cleaner that claims to specialize in wedding attire and requested a quote from them.  Hopefully it will be more reasonable than the last place.

Planning a wedding out of town is hard work.  It seems like there's so much more to consider than a regular wedding would have.  Like who needs to be picked up at the airport and remember what needs to be transported in our car and what we can possibly send with my parents or family.  

As a mini-celebration we scheduled a dinner on Thursday night for ourselves and both our parents.  C's mom has met both my parents before but neither has met C's dad yet.  I think one MOH will come to dinner as well and we'll see who else is in town by then.  We're not really doing a welcome party or dinner for out of town guests as pretty much everyone is out of town.  Hopefully most people will understand.

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