Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing Personal

Invitations went out approximately 10 days ago and responses are starting to trickle in!  It's very exciting to check the mail and see those little envelopes waiting for us.  It's so much fun to open them up and see if they wrote us a little message or see who's actually coming.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  When people decline to attend your wedding, it's hard to let it roll off your back.  Especially the people that you thought would make it for sure.

When we started this whole thing I told myself that I wouldn't get upset.  I prepared myself for this by saying, "People that we think won't bother will end up making the trip and people that we think will absolutely make it, won't."  I knew that coming in.

But it's hard not to get a little disappointed when you get a "Declines with Regrets" back.

Another reason it's hard is because we set our minimum based on how many people would attend (we thought).  Our minimum is set for 110 people.  We invited 184 people and thought that our acceptance rate would be lower due to travel.  We thought we might get a 60-70% acceptance instead of the typical 80% or so.

At 60% acceptance, we'll just barely make our 110 guests.  Any lower and we're paying for things we don't need.

The reason I'm concerned is because my cousin says she invited 230 guests and have only had 160 accept.  And 90% of the guests are in town (I think).  They still have to chase down a few RSVPs, but it's looking like they won't get much more than 75%.  

If an in town wedding can't get more than 75%, what should I realistically expect?  It might be time to speak to our venue coordinator and find out if the minimum can be applied to other costs if we don't end up using it all.

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